📑10 steps to access university in Spain

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📑10 steps to access university in Spain

Hello, #Vivers! At the Luis Vives Study Center, as an academy specialized in preparing the PCE for access to university, we know first-hand the process that international students must follow to access Spanish universities. In this blog post we want to make it easier for you to follow so that you can achieve your goal of entering university. If you are a student with a foreign or international baccalaureate and want to know the registration process for the university entrance exams of PCE- UNEDasiss Keep reading 👀, we summarize them in 10 easy steps. 

1. Finish high school 🤓

The first thing you have to ask yourself is where you studied high school.
If the answer is “outside Spain”, this article is for you.
And, which countries is this test aimed at? Here You will be able to identify which educational system corresponds to your high school degree. You already have it?
The second step will be to start processing the translation and apostilling your high school diploma. You can start this process in your country of origin if necessary.
Remember that if you have not completed your high school studies, you will not be able to take the selectivity exam. 

2. Homologation of your high school diploma 📝

The homologation of your high school diploma is one of the most important procedures that you must complete as soon as possible. Go to Ministry of Education in Spain or to the consulate of your country to begin the homologation process if your type of high school requires it. It may take a while for your degree to be approved, but don't worry, the important thing is that you have started the process.

3. What to study and where 🏫

This is the key point to start your studies. A large part of the students are clear about what they want to study. If you are one of those who are not sure, we can give you a hand. Here You will be able to see the entire educational offer of the university degrees proposed in Madrid. It is important that, if you cannot decide between two or more careers, they are from the same path of study. Have you found your ideal degree? Okay, now let's go choose the subjects What should you study?

It is vitally important that you are clear At which university do you want to study?, since this will determine the number of subjects you must present in the exam. 

4. We start studying 📚

The time has come to focus on your studies. Look for a course that you really believe will be able to meet what you need. Try to have enough time to complete the syllabus before the exam date. 

Nowadays, many of the PCE selectivity preparation academies can offer you different study methods: face-to-face courses, online courses, inverted classroom or flipped classroom, etc.

In our academy we offer you exclusive preparation focused on the PCE – UNEDasiss university entrance tests, both in person and online, you decide what best suits you. 

5. Registration for the PCE university access tests ✍🏽

Between the months of February and March, the UNED – examining university – opens the registration periods for the PCE university entrance exams. We recommend that you do not leave it until the last day, since places in the UNED affiliated centers are limited in each autonomous community. Make sure you have all the necessary documentation for registration in order: passport, NIE or DNI, as well as the certificate of approval of the high school diploma or the language certificate in the case of belonging to a non-Spanish-speaking country. 

The UNED offers two exam sessions; ordinary call and extraordinary call. We recommend that you try to access the university in the ordinary session, since there may not be space left in the extraordinary session to be able to access the degree you want.

6. Carrying out the PCE university entrance exams🧾

You can take the PCE university entrance exam at any center affiliated with the UNED, whether in Spain or in another country. The tests are usually held at the end of May and beginning of June for the ordinary session and at the beginning of September for the extraordinary session. At the time of registration you will have the possibility to choose the center where you want to present yourself.

7. Posting notes 🔢

Once the week of the PCE university entrance exams has concluded, the grades usually take about 3 weeks to be published from the date of the last exam. You will be able to see your published notes in your UNEDasiss control panel. Once you have received your transcript, you will be able to apply for a place at different universities if your grade reaches the cut-off grade required by the university. 

8. Pre-registration to the university ✒️

You are one step away from entering the university world. In mid-July you will be able to pre-register for the 12 degrees that interest you most (always in order of preference) at the universities that offer them. 

9. Confirmation of your access to the university ✅

If the university accepts your application, congratulations! You will receive a confirmation email notifying you of the university where your place is reserved. 

 10. We welcome you to the university! 👩🏻‍🎓👨🏾‍🎓

University degrees in Spain usually begin in the months of September and October. Get ready, begin a new stage full of new challenges and experiences. Learn and, above all, enjoy this new beginning. 

What did you think of the article? Has it helped you? Now all you have left is the funniest part: DESIGN A PLAN. Review all the steps you must take, analyze your personal situation and define goals and objectives that you can achieve step by step. And if you need an academy to help you prepare for the PCE, at the Luis Vives Study Center we have courses adapted for all needs.  

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