🧪Chemistry EvAU Madrid 2024 | How will the exam be and 5 tips

Tips for the EvAU 2023 Chemistry exam - Luis Vives Study Center

🧪Chemistry EvAU Madrid 2024 | How will the exam be and 5 tips

Do you know that 4 out of 5 students pass the Selectivity Chemistry exam? You can't be less! Let's try to help you a little. We tell you what the EvAU Chemistry exam will be like in Madrid in 2024, and we give you some advice.

How will the EvAU Madrid 2024 Chemistry exam be?

The subject of Chemistry is part of the subjects of the specific phase in the university entrance test, and determines the access route for the degrees in Sciences and Health Sciences.

It is an interesting subject, often feared because it is not the typical subject that learning by heart is enough to pass, you have to understand all the concepts that are included in this subject to apply them in practice. 

A good way to check if we are well prepared for exam day is to practice with real exams from previous years. To do this, we put at your disposal in our section exam models, a large number of exams from previous calls so you can practice. Furthermore, both in the section of solved exams like in our Youtube, you will find many of these exams with the solutions proposed by our team of teachers, so that you can compare them with yours.

The EvAU Chemistry exam in 2024 has a very simple structure. It is divided into two options, A and B. Each option has five questions. Therefore, the exam has 10 questions. Each of them has a value of 2 points.

You must answer any 5 questions of the 10 proposed.

Five tips to prepare for the Selectivity Chemistry exam

Below, we leave you 5 tips that will help you study the fundamental and most important aspects of the subject so that when you take the exam, whether in EvAU, EBAU, PCE UNEDasiss format, access to the university for those over 25 years of age, access to higher education or baccalaureate training cycles; You can be prepared to answer correctly and opt for 10.

  1. I advise you to do a “cheatbook”. That is, extract the concepts and formulas most used in the exercises; Thus, when you are faced with a question, it will help you be clear about what topic it corresponds to and what you have to apply in each case. Be careful, this cheat sheet is for practical study, not to take to the exam😇
  2. Make good use of the tools they allow you to use: calculators. Since the use of scientific but non-programmable calculators is only allowed, it is important to know how to use this type of calculator, which can sometimes be of little use because of how simple they are; although it is not like that.
  3. Practice a lot with exercises that you can find in textbooks or on internet pages. Right here you have at your disposal exercises separated by blocks, exam models and even solved and explained exams. The more you practice, the better you will understand the exercise statements.
  4. As you do the topic exercises, justify everything you do. It is very important that you have the habit of explaining the answers because this way you will understand their development and acquire the ability to relate the data to give accurate conclusions.
  5. Make a work plan that includes study and practice. And above all, don't stop using books when you do exercises. And don't give up, if it doesn't come out the first time, it will come out the second or third time, but it will come out.



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