[Updated 2024] ⭐ Registration at the University in Madrid step by step

Enrollment at Madrid University 2023 - Luis Vives Study Center

[Updated 2024] ⭐ Registration at the University in Madrid step by step

If you have to register at the university in Madrid in 2024, we will help you do the process step by step. This article is useful for you if you have applied to:

If you prefer to watch it on video, we recommend you watch our YouTube video where we explain the process step by step.

To pre-register you can click here, or search for “Madrid university pre-registration” on Google. For students +25, +40 or +45, the link is this.

Remember that this year 2024 the deadline to pre-register is from June 7 to June 28. The list of those admitted will be published on July 12, and claims will be made on July 12, 15 and 16.

Before carrying out the pre-registration process, it is best that you have on your PC the identity document (front and back) and the card with your qualifications in the Selectivity, both in PDF format.

If you access the link indicated above, you will see that the first thing you must do is create a user. It is a very simple process that you have done a thousand times on many websites.

Once the user is created you will be able to access the process. This process has three steps to complete:

  1. Personal information.
  2. Academic data.
  3. Studies to request.

Personal details necessary for enrollment in the university in Madrid in 2024

In this first tab we will have to put our information: name and others, birth information and contact information. At the bottom you will see how you can choose any of the four ways in which you are going to apply for a place at the university in Madrid: 

  • University entrance tests (EvAU, PAU).
  • Foreign educational systems (UNEDasiss accreditation).
  • Vocational training.
  • Official university degree and equivalent titles.

If your access has been by people over 25, 40 or 45, you must indicate the correct route.

Academic data

In this tab you must complete the academic data related to the access route you have chosen. You will complete fields such as:

  • Applied studies.
  • Year in which you finished your studies.
  • Center where you made them.
  • Branch of knowledge.
  • Inclusion in some of the special quotas: disability, high performance athletes, etc.

Studies to request

This is the most fun part of filling, because this is where You must indicate the 12 university degrees in order of preference which you would like to access. It is not mandatory that you indicate 12, you can choose less.

For this step, we recommend that you compare the cutting notese of the current year with your grades obtained (you can use our EvAU grade calculator or of PCE UNEDasiss) to know what options you would have to obtain a place in the different university degrees offered in Madrid. We recommend that you make a list of the 12 degrees in order of priority that you would like to access.

Safeguarding and uploading documents for registration at the university in Madrid in 2024

Once you have completed the three previous steps, they will send you an email with confirmation of your pre-registration. In addition to being able to review all the data you have included and the grades you have chosen, you will see a tab called “documentation”, where you can upload the documents they ask for: identification document and report card.

Enrollment at Madrid University 2023 - Luis Vives Study Center

All the data you have included in the pre-registration is saved in the cloud, so you can log out without fear. You can log back in with your username at any time if you want to review your pre-registration, upload new documentation or change something.

We hope to have helped you, but above all we hope that you manage to access the career you want. Happy summer!

  • July 12, 2023 at 3:30 pm


    What could you do if you have not been able to upload the required documentation on time.

    I appreciate any guidance or help.

    Thank you

    • July 13, 2023 at 9:17 am

      Hello Samara,

      In that case, it is best to contact the university directly to see what solution they can offer you.

      A greeting.

  • June 16, 2024 at 10:24 am

    If I have not received any email, have I pre-registered correctly?

    • June 17, 2024 at 7:42 am

      Hi Javier:

      Once the pre-registration process is complete, you should receive an email with confirmation. Check your spam folder in case it has arrived there. If you have not received it, we recommend that you contact the Department of Education so that they can confirm if there is any problem with your pre-registration.

      A greeting.

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