✔English EvAU Madrid 2024 | How will the exam be and 5 tips

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✔English EvAU Madrid 2024 | How will the exam be and 5 tips

You've taken many English exams in your life, right? Well, we don't know if the Selectivity exam will be the last, but you must give your best. And we are here to give you one last push. We tell you what the EvAU English exam will be like in Madrid in 2024 and we give you some advice.

How will the EvAU Madrid 2024 English exam be?

The 2024 EVAU English exam, in either of the two calls, June or July, lasts an hour and a half and has the following structure:

It will have two options, A and B, from which we can choose between equivalent questions because it will be the exam model that was proposed for COVID-19.

We must choose between one of the two texts and answer questions A1; A2; A3; A4 or B1; B2; B3; B4. Then we will choose between A5 or B5.

Reading compression

The first three questions are dedicated to reading comprehension, with the first answering true/false; the second, respond with the student's words to specific questions from the text; and, the third, to find synonyms for certain words in the text. 

Use of English and writing

Two questions dedicated to knowledge of grammar.

  • The first consists of filling in the gaps in the different contexts offered to us with the conjugation of verb tenses, prepositions, relative clauses, connectors and, normally, an indirect speech sentence.
  • The last question consists of writing a writing so that the students put into practice the grammatical knowledge learned during the course and also demonstrate the lexical knowledge they have related to the proposed topic.

This last part is very important, which is why it is vital that we arrive prepared to put into practice the grammatical knowledge that we have learned throughout the course. 

The subject of English has been studied since we are little. That is why to prepare it we must do it globally, taking into account from the most basic concepts to the most elaborate ones. 

It is also very important to be constant and take into account the level from which we start. It is not the same to try to get a 9 with a level beginner than doing it at a more advanced level. For this reason, it will be very important to set realistic goals and motivate ourselves daily to study, since being constant is going to be essential.

Five tips to prepare for the EvAU Madrid 2024 Selectivity English exam

Next, we are going to show 5 tips to facilitate your study and approach the test successfully, whether you are taking the EvAU exam, PCE, access to a medium or higher degree, ESO graduate, university access test for those over 25 or baccalaureate.

  1. Read many exam models so that you become familiar with the type of texts and vocabulary you will encounter. Don't limit yourself to texts specific to your test format. Everyone is going to help you.
  2. Try to increase your vocabulary every day. Since English is everywhere, use your curiosity to start watching your favorite series and movies in English, and, above all, reading press articles in English.
  3. Don't forget to prepare one of the most important points of the exam: the written composition. To do this, you should learn the structure of an opinion essay and a narrative text. You should practice writing essays of similar length to what they will ask you for in the exam, looking at a model. 
  4. Grammar is the basis of the exam, so be sure to study it. As? Making notes by hand with the main structures that you need to master and the keys to identify them and then doing many exercises to assimilate those structures.
  5. Don't forget to check all the solved exam models by our teachers who you can find on our website, as well as in our youtube channel. They will help you a lot to identify frequently asked grammatical structures, key vocabulary, and essay models.

Cheer up, now the last dance 💃🕺



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