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Solved exams PCE-UNEDasiss 2021 - Luis Vives Study Center
📝Solved exams PCE-UNEDasiss 2021

Hello, #Vivers! The PCE-UNEDasiss 2021 exams are here, for which you have been preparing for almost a year. These days, most of you will be a bundle of nerves, giving the last revisions before the exam and consulting with friends and colleagues about the last minute doubts you have. At the Luis Vives Study Center, this year we wanted to be the fastest. To help you cope with the nerves and waiting for the results, we have decided to post the solved PCE UNEDasiss 2021 selectivity exams that have already been held. This way, you can consult them and get an idea of ​​the chances of passing you have.

PCE-UNEDasiss 2021 exam dates

As you know, the PCE-UNEDasiss 2021 exams are being held between May 24 and 28 at the different venues that UNED has arranged for it. The days assigned to the different exams are as indicated below:

  • Monday, May 24: Business Economics, CCSS Mathematics, English and Mathematics II.
  • Tuesday, May 25: History of Art, Technical Drawing, History of Spain, Language and Text Commentary and History of Philosophy.
  • Wednesday, May 26: Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Geography of Spain.

This calendar corresponds to that of the examination center attended by students who have registered for the tests through our center. In principle, it is common for all examination centers throughout Spain. However, in some autonomous communities it could suffer slight variations, such as splits in some exams in which there are many students registered. In the Community of Madrid, for example, this year the Mathematics II exam has been doubled, with some students taking the exam on another day this week. In the case of students taking the exam outside of Spain, in one of the UNED headquarters abroad, the dates are different. They are normally celebrated during the first week of June.

Solved exams for May 24

For the moment, we bring you the solved exams for the PCE UNEDasiss 2021 selectivity of Business Economics, CCSS Mathematics and English. In the coming days we will update the articles with the solved exams for the rest of the subjects.

Business Economics
CCSS Mathematics
Mathematics II

Update: Solved exams for May 25

Here we will leave you the exams from May 25 that we have corrected.

Language and Text Commentary
History of art
English (matches)
History of Spain
Technical drawing
History of Philosophy

Update: Solved exams for May 26

Geography of Spain
Language and text commentary (matched)
Mathematics II (matched)

Remember that once you check with our corrections the grade you think you can obtain in each of the subjects, you can use our PCE-UNEDasiss grade calculator to find out what university entrance grade you will have.

We wish you all the luck in the world for this call. In the event that you do not achieve the desired results, we remind you that you can apply again in the September call. At the Luis Vives Study Center, we have a super intensive course in summer to help you in the preparation of this call. If you are interested in this course, you can contact contact with us, send us a e-mail or write to us WhatsApp.

The 5 best careers for access to university selectivity 2021. Luis Vives Study Center
👩‍🎓The 5 degrees with the highest employability rate in Spain

Hello, #Vivers! Study what you like, or study a career with opportunities? Maybe you have always been a person who has been clear about what he wants to be when he grows up. Or maybe not. If you are not clear about your vocation and are preparing for the selectivity exam to enter university, keep reading, because perhaps you had not considered choosing your university major and determining your professional development based on the ease of obtaining a position. work, and the remuneration offered by some business sectors.

Before reaching the job market, many of you find yourself having to choose which university degree to pursue without having finished defining your vocation. So, to help you, we present the university degrees with the greatest employability in Spain:

University access. The 5 races with the best start.

1 Medicine

  • Itinerary: Health Sciences
  • Cut-off score 2024 in Madrid: 13,31 (UCM)

One of the careers with the most difficult access is also the one with the highest employability rate. 92,1% of medical graduates get a job before the age of 30. Medicine is one of the careers that requires students to have a vocation for study and be willing to continue training throughout their professional career. Likewise, most health sciences degrees have a very high job placement rate.

2. Electrical Engineering

  • Itinerary: Engineering and Architecture
  • Cut-off score 2024 in Madrid: 10,49 (UPM)

If words like magnetic flux, power, electrical tension and intensity seem interesting to you, you should know that 85,6% of graduates of this university degree get a job before the age of 30. Its graduates, in addition to creating and signing projects, design and analyze physical systems of varying complexity, facilities, equipment and products, in the field of Electrical Engineering.

3. Computer Engineering

  • Itinerary: Engineering and Architecture
  • Cut-off score 2024 in Madrid: 10,68 (UPM)

We can no longer conceive a world without computers, mobile phones and household appliances connected to the internet. So companies are increasingly demanding workers capable of navigating information and communication technologies (ICT) naturally. If your passion is computers, do not doubt that it can be a good choice for the selectivity exam: almost 85% of computer science graduates find a job when they leave their degree.

4. Statistics

  • Itinerary: Social and Legal Sciences
  • Cut-off score 2024 in Madrid: 11,78 (UC3M)

Data, data and more data. Companies need to collect a lot of data to properly guide their activity. But, more importantly, they also need people who know how to analyze and interpret that data. Opinion studies, market studies, audiences, biomedical research. 83% of statistics graduates are managing data in a company before they turn 30.

5. Business Administration and Management (ADE)

  • Itinerary: Social and Legal Sciences
  • Cut-off score 2024 in Madrid: 10,39 (UCM)

Microeconomics, macroeconomics, finance, banking, insurance, labor management... companies are one of the engines of society. If you specialize in ADE, you will access the labor market with some ease to find a job. 

Bonus: Art History

  • Itinerary: Arts
  • Cut-off score 2024 in Madrid: 5,00 (UCM)

We did not want to finish this ranking without getting a university degree in the Arts branch. More than half of Art History graduates find a job of their own before the age of 30. We hope that if this is your vocation, this information encourages you to study this career.

This article has been prepared based on the job placement report most recent (2018) published by the Ministry of Sciences, Innovation and Universities. And you, what career are you thinking of entering? If you leave us a comment indicating the career you would like to pursue, we will tell you the percentage of graduates who find a job after completing that degree. And if you have any other questions regarding selectivity, do not hesitate to contact contact with us and we will try to resolve it.