laura benedict

The most positive thing about CE Luis Vives is the teachers' attention to students' doubts.

Laura Benito, Selectivity student

Paula Cascón

I present myself with guarantees of passing. The best thing about the course is that they give you your own books made by the teachers.

Paula Cascón, Selectivity student

Rachel Moreno

They have very good schedules, and a great variety of courses and subjects. Furthermore, the material used during the course is appropriate.

Raquel Moreno, student of Access to Higher Level Training Cycles

Pilar Montoya

The best thing about the academy is the teachers and their way of teaching classes, in addition to the location of the center, which is quite good.

Pilar Montoya, student of Access to Higher Level Training Cycles

Gloria Martinez

I consider the familiar treatment received at the academy to be very good for everyone, because it helps a lot when studying and attending class. I would recommend this academy to my friends.

Gloria Martínez, Selectivity student

Daniel San Vicente

The teachers at CE Luis Vives show interest in the students' learning. The most positive thing is the atmosphere that has been created between students and teachers throughout the course.

Daniel San Vicente, student of Access to Higher Level Training Cycles

Erika Primula

The best thing is the attention of the teachers and the organization in terms of syllabus. I am satisfied with the course.

Erika Prímula, Selectivity student

Alejandra Martin

The best things about the academy are the hours, location and price. Furthermore, the Secretariat service has resolved all my doubts about the University Entrance Test quickly.

Alejandra Martín, Selectivity student