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EvAU/EBAU grade calculator for university entrance for foreigners. Luis Vives Study Centre

💻 EvAU/EBAU Grade Calculator

¡Hola, #Vivers! La mayoría de vosotros y vosotras revisáis muchas veces las notas de corte, y echáis muchas cuentas para saber si podréis lograr el acceso a la universidad en el grado que queréis. Os queremos ayudar con nuestra calculadora de nota para la Selectividad EvAU/EBAU. Además, si queréis saber qué son las notas de corte y cómo se calcula, podéis echar un vistazo a este artículo de nuestro blog.

To calculate your university entrance qualification EvAU/EBAU, several grades are taken into account. On the one hand, your average grade in the Baccalaureate. On the other hand, the results obtained in the university entrance exam. In the case that you want to access university from a higher level training cycle, your FP grade will be taken into account.

Remember that the EvAU or EBAU has two phases: general and specific. Students coming from Baccalaureate, will have to take the general phase on a compulsory basis and the specific phase on a voluntary basis. On the other hand, students who come from Vocational Training will only have to take the specific phase.

The general phase is composed of:

  • Spanish Language and Literature.
  • Foreign language: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese.
  • Contemporary History of Spain.
  • Troncal of Modality. 

The core module of modality will depend on the branch of careers you want to access. You have the following options:

  • Science and Engineering: Mathematics II.
  • Social and Legal Sciences: Mathematics Applied to Social Sciences.
  • Humanities: Latin.
  • Arts: Fundamentals of Art.

In the specific phase you will be able to choose those subjects related to the degree you want to do at the university. You must choose those subjects that have a weighting of 0.2 (green column) in this table. You can choose between 0 and 4 subjects. But you must take into account that the university will take the two best grades for the calculation of the admission grade.

Calculation of the grade for high school students

For students coming from baccalaureate, the formula to calculate your EvAU/EBAU admission grade (from 5 to 14 points) is the following:

Admission mark = 0.6*CFB + 0.4*EvAU + 0.2*M1 + 0.2*M2

  • CFB: final baccalaureate qualification.
  • EvAU: the average mark of the four subjects of the general phase.
  • M1: the best of the marks of the specific phase.
  • M2: the second best mark of the specific phase.

You can also use the core subject as M1 or M2. However, you can only use subjects in which you have obtained at least a 5 in the exam.

Calculation of the grade for students coming from higher vocational education and training (FP)

The following formula is used for students coming from higher level vocational training:

Admission mark = NFP + 0.2*M1 + 0.2*M2

  • NFP: Vocational Training Record Note
  • M1: the best of the marks of the specific phase.
  • M2: the second best mark of the specific phase.

For M1 and M2 only subjects in which you have obtained at least a 5 in the exam will be taken into account.

EvAU/EBAU Grade Calculator

To calculate your admission score you can use our calculator:

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This calculator is in testing phase. If you detect any errors, please contact web@luis-vives.es. Remember that this tool has no official validity, and that your admission to university will depend on the official admission process at Spanish public universities. Centro de Estudios Luis Vives is not responsible for any errors produced by the use of the calculator.

To find out what grade you need to achieve to gain access to the degree you want, you can consult the cut-off grades of the public universities in madrid. The only thing you have to achieve is that your admission mark is higher than the cut-off mark of the degree.

Our calculator is valid for access to public universities in Madrid. If you want to access another university and you are not sure about the requirements, please contact us. You can leave us a comment, write us an e-mail o or send us a WhatsApp.

Have you already decided what career you want to enter? Then you just need to study hard to achieve your goal.


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