🤓Explanation of the higher grade access test

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🤓Explanation of the higher grade access test

Hello, #Vivers! One of the most popular courses in our Madrid academy is the preparation of the entrance exams to higher-level training cycles.

Throughout its development, students are trained to acquire a set of knowledge and skills that allow them to later access higher vocational training, a training cycle that prepares them for entry into the world of work or for subsequent studies.

Year after year, we can see that the demand for this type of training has been experiencing a boom, given that it is a bridge that, although longer in time, allows the student to reach university without going through Baccalaureate and Selectivity. 

In the video that we bring you today, our coordinator of the preparation courses for access to training cycles, Lara, explains all the details you need to know about the access test to higher degree training cycles.

Requirements to present to the higher grade entrance exams

Be 19 years of age, or turn XNUMX in the year in which the test is performed.

Generally, the exams for access to higher-level training cycles present a single call throughout the year, which in the Community of Madrid is usually in the middle of May.

Professional families and options

To prepare access to higher-level training cycles, we can choose several professional families:

Humanities and Social Sciences Option:

It includes cycles related to Administration and Finance, Early Childhood Education, Hospitality and Tourism or Social Integration, among others.

Science Option:

It is related to Physical and Sports Activities, Personal Image, Safety and Environment or Health, among others.

Technology Option:

It refers to cycles related to Image and Sound, Telecommunications and Computer Systems, 3D Animation and Game Design, and Automotive, among others.

You can consult the complete list of professional families to which each option gives access here.

Structure of the exams for admission tests to higher grades

The higher grade access test is divided into two phases:

A common part, which all students take, and which consists of an exam in each of the following three subjects:

  • Spanish Language and Literature.
  • Mathematics or History (depends on the itinerary).
  • English.

A specific part, which students must prepare according to the professional branch of the higher degree they wish to access, and which consists of two subjects.

  • Humanities and Social Sciences: Business Economics and Geography of Spain.
  • Sciences: Biology and Chemistry.
  • Technology: Physics and Technical Drawing.

Exemptions from the specific part due to professional experience

Normally, a student can avoid taking the mandatory subjects specific to their option if they present a certificate of working life, which certifies at least the equivalent of one year full-time, in activities related to the option to which they are enrolled. belongs to the professional family of the higher degree to which you want to access.


The final grade for the higher grade entrance exams will be obtained by finding the arithmetic mean of the grades obtained in each of the phases, when at least 4 points have been obtained in each one.

The exam is considered passed when the final grade is equal to or greater than 5 points.

Remember that it is essential that the preparation and study programming focus on passing all the subjects in both phases, with the best possible grade.

We hope we have clarified some concepts for you. If you need more information, you can consult the official page of the Community of Madrid. In it you will find all the information about the exams for access to higher grades. Good luck with your study!


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