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Higher degree vocational training entrance exams

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Our preparation courses for higher education entrance exams

En Luis Vives Study Center Every year we offer you two different courses to prepare for the entrance exams to a higher degree:

CFGS access test – Extensive



El extensive course It begins in the month of September and ends in the month of May.
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Higher degree access tests - Luis Vives Study Center
CFGS access test – Intensive



El Intensive course It begins in the month of January and ends in the month of May.
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Higher degree access tests - Luis Vives Study Center

What should I know if I want to prepare access to CFGS?

In the video that we show you below, you have a brief summary of all the aspects that you must take into account if you want to study for the exams for the access test to higher degree cycles.

What requirements must I meet to be able to register for the higher grade access tests?

  • Be 19 years old or turn XNUMX in the year of the call.
  • Lack the Bachelor's degree, a Technician's degree or any of the access requirements.
  • Each call details the requirements to be able to take this test.

Testing date

The tests are generally scheduled for the second week of May.

Options and professional families

To take the exams for access to higher degree cycles, we must choose between one of the three existing options or branches of knowledge. This choice is very important, since it will determine, once we have passed the test, which training cycles we can access, since each of them corresponds to a series of professional families of the 26 into which training is currently divided. professional. The three options are the following:

  • Humanities and social sciences.
  • Technology.
  • Sciences.

In the following table you can consult the list of professional families that correspond to each of these three options.

  • Administration and management.
  • Trade and Marketing.
  • Hostel and Tourism.
  • Sociocultural and Community Services.
  • Personal Image: Personal and Corporate Image Consulting.
  • Image and Sound: Production of Audiovisuals and Shows and Realization of Audiovisual and Shows projects
  • Arts and Crafts.
  • Graphic arts.
  • Building and Civil Works.
  • Electricity and electronic.
  • Energy and Water.
  • Mechanical manufacturing.
  • Image and sound.
  • Extractive industries.
  • IT and Telecoms.
  • Instalation and maintenance.
  • Wood, Furniture and Cork.
  • Maritime-fishing.
  • Textile, Clothing and Leather.
  • Vehicle Transportation and Maintenance.
  • Glass and Ceramics.
  • Physical and sports activities.
  • agrarian.
  • Personal image.
  • Food industries.
  • Chemical.
  • Health.
  • Security and environment.
  • Hospitality and Tourism: Kitchen Management.
  • Maritime-Fishing: Aquaculture.

Development and content of higher grade access tests

The higher grade entrance exams consist of two parts:

  • Common part, in which the student's knowledge and maturity are evaluated. This part is made up of three subjects: Spanish Language and Literature, foreign language (English) and Mathematics. From the 2021-2022 school year, students on the Humanities and Social Sciences itinerary can choose between Mathematics or History of Spain, depending on the training cycle you wish to access.
  • Specific part, composed of two subjects related to the test option that gives access to the chosen professional family.

The specific subjects for each of the three options are the following:

  • Humanities and Social Sciences: Business Economy and Geography of Spain.
  • Science: Biology and chemistry.
  • Technology: Physics and Technical Drawing.

Supplies necessary to carry out the exercises

For the exercise of the Technical Drawing subject, the following drawing elements must be used: pencil, square, ruler, bevel and compass. To carry out the rest of the different exercises, the use of a dictionary, calculator, mobile phone or any other telecommunications device will not be permitted.


Applicants for the higher grade access tests who are exempt from taking the general part, due to having passed an access test to these training cycles, will present the appropriate certification at the time of registration.

Those who are exempt from the specific part because they can justify at least one year of work experience that corresponds to the professional studies they wish to pursue will present:

  • Employed workers.
    • Certificate from the General Treasury of Social Security or from the labor mutual insurance company to which they were affiliated, stating the company, the job category, the contribution group and the contribution period or periods.
    • Certificate from the company or companies where they have acquired work experience that specifically states the duration of the contract, the jobs held, the activity carried out in each of them and the period of time in which they performed them.
  • Free-lancers.
    • Certificate of the contribution period in the Special Regime for Self-Employed Workers.
    • Certificate of registration for the Economic Activities Tax and proof of payment of said tax.
    • Descriptive report, prepared by the interested party, of the activities carried out during professional practice.

Candidates who appear in the lists of elite athletes will be exempt from the specific part of the test for access to the family of Physical and Sports Activities, and must present a certified photocopy of the current list of elite athletes.

Exemptions will be published on the notice board of the institute where registration has been made. It is recommended to call the center to see if it has been granted, since there are only two days to claim.

Titles and certificates

The results will be made public at the center where you took the tests.

Those who have achieved the overall qualification of pass may request the issuance of the respective certificate at the institute, which will allow you to study a higher degree cycle.

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