Access to mid-grade vocational training

Intermediate FP access test

Luis Vives Study Center gives you the possibility of preparing for the intermediate level entrance exam exams. Choose to prepare for the test with top-quality teaching.

Do you know Luis Vives' methodology? If you want to know why we are the ideal academy to prepare for the entrance test to intermediate grade cycles, click here.

Do you need academic or administrative guidance? call us o Write us. We will help you with any questions you may have: contents of the exams, subjects you must take, professional families that you can choose, dates and method of registration for the test, etc.

Our preparation courses for the intermediate level entrance exam

En Luis Vives Study Center Every year we offer you two different courses to prepare for the access test to intermediate-level training cycles:

CFGM access test – Extensive



El extensive course It begins in the month of September and ends in the month of May.
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Middle-grade entrance exam - Luis Vives Study Center
CFGM access test – Intensive



El Intensive course It begins in the month of January and ends in the month of May.
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Middle-grade entrance exam - Luis Vives Study Center

What should I know if I want to prepare access to CFGM?

In the video that we show you below, you have a brief summary of all the aspects to take into account about the access test to intermediate grade cycles and the differences with the free tests to obtain the Graduate Degree in ESO.

What requirements must I meet to be able to register for the intermediate level entrance exam?

  • Be 17 years old or turn XNUMX in the year of the call.
  • Lack the ESO degree, a Basic Professional degree or one of the access requirements.
  • Each call details the requirements to be able to take this test.

Testing date

The tests are generally held throughout the month of May.

Development and content of the tests

The entrance test to intermediate-level training cycles consists of three exams, one for each of the three areas into which it is divided:

  • Social : contents of the Geography and History subjects.
  • Technological scientist: Mathematics, Science and Technology content.
  • Communication: contents of Spanish Language and Literature and English.


Generally, the majority of students who take this test take all three areas, although there are some cases in which exemptions can be granted:

  • If you have work experience that amounts to the equivalent of one year full-time or you have a Professional Certificate with at least a complete Professional Qualification, you can request exemption from the scientific-technical field along with your registration.
  • If you took this test in 2009 or later sessions, and you passed any of the parts, you can request that the grade obtained on the registration application form be recognized.

There are other ways to be exempt from some of the areas of the test. If you have any questions, you can contact us. Exemptions will be published on the notice board of the institute where registration has been made. It is recommended to call the center to see if it has been granted, as there are only two days to claim.

Titles and certificates

The results will be made public at the center where the tests were performed.

Those who have achieved the overall qualification of pass may request, at the institute, the issuance of the respective certificate.

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