Our school support and reinforcement course

Luis Vives Study Center offers you school support with top quality teaching. El reinforcement and school support It is the oldest activity of all those carried out by our academy. We started in 1999, so we have been giving school reinforcement classes to primary, secondary and high school students for more than 20 years, to help them pass their exams. Thousands of students have passed through our classrooms, and a large proportion of parents have been satisfied with our work.

School reinforcement course schedule

The support group for ESO and Baccalaureate is open Monday to Friday. For school reinforcement, it is recommended that students attend two afternoons per week for the extensive modality, or four afternoons per week for the intensive modality. Each afternoon, students attend one of these shifts:

  • First turn: 16:00 to 17:40..
  • Second turn: 17:40 to 19:15..

This agenda is a proposal, and can be designed based on the needs of the students. The Center offers reinforcement from Monday to Friday, and parents can freely define the number of afternoons and hours of the students. Call us or write to us for more information.

Our work methodology

Reinforcement and school support for primary, secondary or high school - Luis Vives Study Center

All our experience allows us to offer the appropriate conditions to guarantee the best results:

  • Very small work groups: maximum of 10 students for each teacher.
  • Planning of the course and programming study and weekly work.
  • Preparation of the partial and global exams.
  • Schedule style of agenda to guarantee the best attention.
  • Improvement of the study skills: comprehensive reading, summaries, outlines, memorization techniques, planning and sequencing of the study, etc.
  • Permanent contact with parents.

Subjects that we teach in the school reinforcement course

The subjects that we prepare in our school reinforcement course are all those that belong to the curriculum of primary, secondary and high school.

Price of the school reinforcement course

El monthly price The course will depend on the number of weekly afternoons that the student attends the center. Registration is FREE.

two afternoons

150 €

four afternoons

220 €

If you have any questions or want more information, call us o Write us.

Psychopedagogical office

As a complement to our school reinforcement course, Luis Vives Study Center, In collaboration with Walden Psychology and Speech Therapy, offers parents and students psycho-pedagogical guidance as an optional complement to the reinforcement and school support course.

Does my child need psychopedagogical guidance?

What we all ask ourselves at some point is: what is normal and what is not? There are certain clues that tell us that a child or adolescent needs help. Both our psychologist and our speech therapist are specialized in detecting these clues at an early age.

It is important in this type of case to find the cause of the problem:

  • El student does not want Attitude problem.
  • El student cannot. Aptitude problem.
  • El student does not know. You have not acquired the appropriate skills and tools.
Reinforcement and school support for primary, secondary or high school - Luis Vives Study Center