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📈Mathematics II and CCSS EvAU | How will the exam be and 5 tips

It is not the easiest subject in Selectivity. That's clear. But Mates are important, because you are going to use them in your life every day! Or so they say... So in today's article, we tell you what the Mathematics II and Mathematics Applied to Social Sciences exam will be like in the EvAU Selectivity in Madrid in 2024.

What will the 2024 EvAU Mathematics exam be like? Madrid

Both Maths II and Applied Social Sciences have two options in the exam. 

  • En Mathematics II, each option has 4 questions (8 in total). Each question scores 2,5 points. You must answer any 4 questions of the 8 on the exam.
  • En Applied mathematics to social sciences, each option has 5 questions (10 in total). Each question scores 2 points. You must answer any 5 questions of the 10 on the exam.

Five tips to improve your results on the Mathematics exam

  • Master the base: Maybe you take it for granted, but maybe there is some concept from previous courses that you don't master: combined operations, operations with polynomials, powers and exponents, etc. If you do not master these operations, your nerves can play tricks on you on exam day.
  • Do you know the typical exercises? In Maths almost more than in any other subject, it is highly recommended that you review the types of exercises that appear most frequently and practice them, along with some of their variants.
  • Plan the last days of study: Before facing the final stretch, plan your study so that in the last days you can review all the blocks, and arrive at the exam with the most important topics fresh.
  • Master the theory. Although the math learning approach is very practical, it is highly recommended that you know the theory (Bolzano's theorem, Rouché's theorem, etc.) so that you can explain the operations you are doing during the exam.
  • Review exams from previous years. You can try to solve the exams from other years and look at the solutions proposed in our website or in our YouTube Channel.

You can handle this and much more. Cheer up, now for 10!