Online courses

Can't you come to our in-person course in the center of Madrid? Don't worry! Through our Moodle platform we offer online courses for the following tests:



For students who want to prepare to enter university

FP entrance tests

Medium or higher

For students who want to access FP but do not meet the requirements

free trials

ESO title

For students who want to obtain the Official Graduate Degree in ESO

Why choose our online course?

Our online teaching platform offers you, among others, the following advantages:

How, where and when you want

Start whenever you want. You choose when to start and when to end. Schedule your study wherever you are without having to come to the academy.

Multi-device. You can consult any part of the syllabus at any time from the PC, Tablet or Smartphone.

Access the platform whenever you want, without limitations, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

You will have updated syllabi according to the current regulations of the different subjects divided into teaching units.

The most agile methodology

Constant support from your teachers. You will be in contact with them to ask any questions that may arise through the forums and chats.

will be made mock tests. They will be corrected by the teacher of your subject, and he or she will inform you of the grades and the correct resolution of the exams.

You will have access to all bonus content of each topic as well as links to other pages where you can complete your study hours and expand your knowledge on the topic.

You will be able to know your progress in your studies at any time, since the platform has a complete statistics system about the tasks completed, the exam grades and the number of topics you have studied.

 Explanatory videos of all topics (Basic+ Course and Premium Course)

Weekly online classes by Zoom (Premium course).

Luis Vives quality at the best price

Luis Vives Guarantee. We have been preparing students since 1999.

Personalized Advice for the choice of subjects and registration procedures.

custom prices. Don't pay more than you need.

More than 70% savings compared to the in-person course. 

Types of online courses

You can choose three types of courses:

  • ESSENTIAL: You will have everything you need to achieve your goals. Available for Graduate courses in ESO and Access to Intermediate Grade.
  • PLUS: complete your Basic course with Explanatory videos on all topics. Available for Selectivity and Access to Higher Degree.
  • PREMIUM: In addition to all of the above, it offers weekly live online classes. Only available for Selectivity.
Access to the platform 24/7/365
Multi-device (PC, Tablet and Smartphone)
Advice on matters to be carried out and procedures
Complete downloadable syllabus
Audiovisual resources and extra content
Practical exercises for each topic or unit
Test and self-assessments
Constant support from teachers
Mock exams
Consultation of doubts with the teacher
Access to the forum of each subject
Explanatory videos on all topics
Live online group classes

Why should I choose PREMIUM course?

With the PREMIUM course, in addition to all the features of Luis Vives' online course, virtual classes for each subject are also included through Zoom It will be like attending in-person classes, but from your PC, tablet or smartphone. We have two different premium online courses throughout the year:

  • Annual: designed so that the entire syllabus is reviewed throughout the regular school year, from September to May. This course includes a weekly class on each subject.
  • Intensive: designed so that the entire syllabus is reviewed throughout the 5 months that the course lasts, from January to May. This course includes two weekly classes of each subject.

Virtual class schedules for the annual premium course 24-25

Course start date: 9 September of 2024

Course end date: 16 May of 2025

Online course to prepare for the EvAU or PCE selectivity and the higher degree access test - Luis Vives Study Center

all branches

Virtual class schedules for the intensive premium course 2024

Course start date: January 10 from 2024

Course end date: 17 May of 2024

Online course to prepare for the EvAU or PCE selectivity and the higher degree access test - Luis Vives Study Center

all branches

Online course prices

The total price of the EvAU or PCE UNEDasiss online selectivity course, of the Higher or Intermediate Vocational Training access test or of the free tests to obtain the Graduate Degree in ESO, It depends on the type of course, the number of subjects contracted and the time that you want to have an active access license to the online platform.

In the BASIC and PLUS coursesIf you contract for more than 3 months, you can pay in installments: a first payment of 65% of the amount at the time of formalizing the contract, and a second payment of the remaining 35% in the following 60 days, but a surcharge will apply 10% of the total cost of the course.

In the case of PREMIUM course There is the possibility of paying it monthly or paying it in full at the beginning of the course and benefiting from an attractive discount.

Our platform is active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. However, during teachers' vacation periods, they will not connect to the platform to answer questions or make corrections. These holiday periods are the following:

3 months6 months8 months
1 subject250 €370 €430 €
2 subjects315 €465 €540 €
3 subjects360 €535 €620 €
4 subjects400 €590 €690 €
5 subjects435 €645 €750 €
6 subjects465 €690 €800 €
3 months5 months9 months
1 subject300 €420 €535 €
2 subjects400 €550 €700 €
3 subjects490 €665 €830 €
4 subjects560 €750 €940 €
5 subjects625 €835 €1040 €
6 subjects675 €895 €1120 €
Payment in fullMonthly Payment
1 subject640 €85 € / month
2 subjects940 €130 € / month
3 subjects1195 €165 € / month
4 subjects1425 €200 € / month
5 subjects1635 €225 € / month
6 subjects1795 €250 € / month
Payment in fullMonthly Payment
1 subject600 €135 € / month
2 subjects895 €195 € / month
3 subjects1150 €250 € / month
4 subjects1395 €295 € / month
5 subjects1595 €350 € / month
6 subjects1795 €395 € / month

If you have any questions or doubts about our online EvAU or PCE selectivity course, the access test to higher or intermediate degree FP or the free tests to obtain the Graduate Degree in ESO, you can explain your specific needs. calling us o writing to us.

We have been the leading academy in online teaching for many years and helping our students pass remotely. ¡Trust us to get it!