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Good news, Vivers! We are delighted to inform you that it is now at your disposal «Luis Vives' Blog», in which we will periodically publish articles, news, solved selectivity exams, access to FP and free ESO and Baccalaureate tests, advice for your exams and many more resources and information about our academy and about the university entrance tests now FP and free tests to obtain ESO and Baccalaureate degrees.

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Blog of our selectivity academy, access to FP, ESO and Baccalaureate

Weightings 2023 - Luis Vives Study Center
📚WEIGHTINGS (Madrid 2023) | How do they work
Hello, Vivers! Do you already know the grade you need to enter the career you want? If you are studying to access […]
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Cut-off marks 2023 - Luis Vives Study Center
⭐CUT NOTES (Madrid 2023) | We tell you EVERYTHING
Hello, Vivers. What are cut-off marks and how are they calculated? How many times do we hear these questions every year! Is […]
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Study in Spain as a Colombian - Luis Vives Study Center
🇨🇴Study in Spain as a Colombian
Every year, hundreds of students from Colombia choose Spain as the place to pursue their higher education. Starting […]
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Study agreement between Colombia and Spain - Luis Vives Study Center
🇪🇸🇨🇴New agreement between Spain and Colombia for students
Hello, #Vivers! Today we bring good news. On May 4, 2023, the vice minister of national education of Colombia […]
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Solved exams EvAU July 2023 - Luis Vives Study Center
📑Solved exams EvAU July 2023
Hello, #Vivers! We continue with our series of articles with the solved exams from the different selectivity exams. In this […]
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Enrollment at Madrid University 2023 - Luis Vives Study Center
[⭐Updated 2023] Registration at the University in Madrid step by step
If you have to register at the university in Madrid in 2023, we will help you do the step process […]
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Solved exams EvAU 2023 - Luis Vives Study Center
📑Solved exams EvAU June 2023
Hello, #Vivers! Just as we have been doing in recent years and as we have done with the selectivity exams […]
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Tips for the EvAU 2023 Mathematics exam - Luis Vives Study Center
📈Mathematics II and CCSS EvAU | How will the exam be and 5 tips
It is not the easiest subject in Selectivity. That's clear. But Maths are important, because you are going to […]
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