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Good news, Vivers! We are delighted to inform you that it is now at your disposal «Luis Vives' Blog», in which we will periodically publish articles, news, solved selectivity exams, access to FP and free ESO and Baccalaureate tests, advice for your exams and many more resources and information about our academy and about the university entrance tests now FP and free tests to obtain ESO and Baccalaureate degrees.

We hope you like it and it can be useful to you. If you also want to be up to date with our latest news, visit our the profile of Instagram.

Blog of our selectivity academy, access to FP, ESO and Baccalaureate

Solved exams EvAU June 2024 - Luis Vives Study Center
📑Exams solved EvAU June 2024
Hello, #Vivers! As usual when the EvAU selectivity exams arrive, our team of teachers will put on the […]
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Enrollment at Madrid University 2023 - Luis Vives Study Center
[Updated 2024] ⭐ Registration at the University in Madrid step by step
If you have to register at the university in Madrid in 2024, we will help you do the step process […]
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Solved exams PCE June 2024 - Luis Vives Study Center
⭐ Exams solved PCE UNEDasiss 2024
Hello, #Vivers! The date that many of you have marked in red on your calendar is here. The exams start […]
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Students around a table
The importance of summer academies
Summer! It is a wonderful time of rest and fun for many students. But taking classes in the summer can also […]
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Emigrate to Spain. Passport and suitcase
[Updated 2024] Emigrate to Spain ⭐ The definitive guide
Emigrating to Spain in search of new opportunities, work or studies is the decision that hundreds of […]
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person puts seal approve bachelor's degree spain
[Updated 2024]⭐Requirements to homologate the Bachelor's degree in Spain
Hello, Vivers! If you want to study in Spain and you have a Secondary or Baccalaureate degree in your country, […]
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