Exam models

Official exam models from previous years

Here you can find the exam models and exams from previous years of the access tests that we prepare at the Luis Vives Study Center. EvAU/EBAU selectivity exams (former PAU) and multiple choice PCE exams from both Madrid and other Autonomous Communities. You will also find vocational training entrance exams, both higher and intermediate degrees, and free tests for the ESO Graduate degree. You can also consult free test exams to obtain the Graduate Degree in ESO. If all this does not seem enough to you, you can consult our solved exams.

At the Luis Vives Study Center, we believe that one of the best ways to prepare for exams is to practice with real exams from previous years. In our EvAU/eBAU/PAU and PCE Selectivity courses, we periodically carry out mock exams in all subjects so that our students lose the fear of facing them and arrive at the official exams much calmer. We have been working with this method for more than 20 years and we are convinced that it is the most effective. The results of the students who have passed through our academy throughout all these years support us.

EvAU/EBAU/PAU Selectivity Exams

EvAU/EBAU/PAU Selectivity exam models

Exams from previous EvAU/EBAU/PAU Selectivity calls

PCE Selectivity Exams

Padel Courts

Access test to Higher Level Training Cycles

This page is always under construction. We continually upload PAU/EvAU/EBAU selectivity exams and PCE multiple choice exams. Also access tests for higher and intermediate degree vocational training and free tests for the ESO Graduate degree that we are obtaining from the different official calls in Madrid and other Autonomous Communities. If you find any exam that does not correspond to your link, please write to us at academia@luis-vives.es. Thank you.

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