What test do I have to take to get into university?

To access university in Spain, you have to take what is known as the Selectividad exam. You can take it in three different ways.

With a Spanish baccalaureate or a higher vocational training degree

Spain Selectivdad EvAU Exam - Centro de Estudios Luis Vives

With a baccalaureate degree from any country other than Spain.

Spanish PCE Selectivdad Examination - Centro de Estudios Luis Vives

For students without a baccalaureate and over 25 years of age

Selectivdad exam for people over 25 in Spain - Centro de Estudios Luis Vives

Our preparation courses for the Selectividad exams

Before discovering the courses we have for you, you can get to know our staff at faculty or see where we are.

Centro de Estudios Luis Vives allows you to prepare for the Selectividad with the highest quality teaching. It doesn't matter if you passed the baccalaureate in Spain or abroad. Or if you have a higher vocational training degree, or if you don't have a baccalaureate and you are over 25 years old. For any of these cases, we have the course you need.

In our preparation courses, the classes are specific to prepare for the Selectividad. To these specific classes we add individualized tutorials and mock exams. The tutorials allow your tutor to monitor your learning individually. They will also allow you to solve any doubts you may have left pending during the week. Also, with the mock exams that we do every week, we try to ensure that all our students have the syllabus up to date.

Due to high demand, places are limited. If you are interested in studying at our school for the Spanish Selectividad exam, reserve your place as soon as possible, even if you don't know exactly what subjects you are going to study. We can advise you on the best way to achieve your goal. It is important to study, but it is also important to choose the exam subjects that best suit each person.

If you have any questions, take a look at our frequently asked questions.

Our methodology

All our courses to prepare for the Selectividad exam are based on our Integral Teaching model. Lectures + Tutorials + Mock exams.

Our courses are specifically designed to prepare students for the university entrance exams. In the classroom, students are preparing for the Selectividad exam. This helps us to focus on the most frequent contents of the entrance exams. And also to review the most important aspects and to practise many exams from previous exams.

We start from scratch, studying from topic 1 in all subjects. This is the most important part of the course. It guarantees a correct understanding of the syllabus. It also allows students to be involved in a group dynamic favourable to their interests.

In addition, the course is linear. We start with the first topics at the beginning of the course and we finish explaining the course during the last weeks of the course. We will also have time to go over the most important content before the end of the course.

Our work is based on rigor, seriousness and commitment to the student. All this without forgetting the pleasant and honest treatment. Because the student's performance also depends on the environment in which he/she works.

We practice the real exams from previous years and the proposed exams. In this way we try to ensure that you are up to date in all subjects and that you are gradually preparing for the official exams.

You will be able to use exclusive didactic tools from the Centre. You can also find solved exercises or exam models. In addition, the entire centre is a free Wifi zone.

We have been helping our students to achieve their goals for many years! Trust in us to achieve them!

If you have any questions or doubts, you can explain your needs to us calling us o writing to us at. You can also consult our FAQ section.