🧲Physics PCE UNEDasiss | What the exam is going to be like and 5 tips.

Tips for the PCE UNEDasiss 2023 Physics exam - Luis Vives Study Center

🧲Physics PCE UNEDasiss | What the exam is going to be like and 5 tips.

Did you know that in recent years, among those who managed to pass the Physics subject of the PCE UNEDasiss, the average grade was higher than 7,5? If you want to access engineering, architecture or other science careers, you may have to take the Physics exam at the PCE UNEDasiss 2024. We explain what the exam is like, and if you read until the end we will give you five important tips to improve your skills. results.

What will the 2024 PCE exam be like? Physics PCE UNEDasiss

In the PCE UNEDasiss Physics exam of 2024, both in the June and September calls, you will find:

  • The first part of the exam will be closed multiple choice questions and their total value of 5 points. The test type is made up of 15 questions of which a maximum of 10 must be answered. If you answer more than 10 questions, only the first 10 answers will be considered. Each correct question adds 0,5 points, each incorrect answer subtracts 0,15 points and every blank question neither adds nor subtracts. 
  • The other part will be open questions in the form of problems and will also be worth 5 points. In this part, 4 problems are given, of which 2 must be chosen. Each problem is worth 2,5 points. All sections of each problem have the same value.

To obtain the full score in the development part, the result must not only be correct, but each question must also be justified and reasoned (also with words).

At the Luis Vives Study Center, we always recommend our students practice with real exams from other years. For them, we have a large number of exam models, and solved exams, which you can find both on our website and in our YouTube Channel.

Five tips to improve your results on the Physics exam

Physics tries to describe reality in a quantitative way, that is, through mathematical models. Therefore, the better your level of Mathematics, the easier your learning of Physics will be. However, Mathematics is not everything, there are also a series of concepts behind it that must be understood. And there are times when understanding these concepts can better strengthen the Mathematics behind it. Therefore, these tips are valid no matter what level you have 🙂

Below we leave you the 5 key points that we believe can help you prepare your entrance exam to the PCE UNEDasiss Physics university in 2024, although they are also valid for other Selectivity exams: EvAU | EBAU, over 25, and even access to higher-level training cycles. If you are going to take the EvAU, we recommend this article from our collaborating center, Academia Bravosol, where they tell you what the Physics exam will be like and the mistakes you should avoid making in it.

  1. Practice with the calculator you are going to take to the exam. It may seem obvious, but mastering your work material is essential. There are many errors that can come from not having written scientific notation properly, from errors in parentheses levels or from confusion with radians and degrees. Plus, if you know your work tools you will go faster!
  1. Always do the exercises cleanly. That is, solve the exercises you do to practice as you would do them in an exam. Well organized, legible and beautiful. At first it will take longer, but as you get used to it, it will come naturally. And whoever corrects you will want to give you a higher grade if you make their life easier 😉
  1. Explain the ideas as if you were teaching the person reading you. Explaining your developments helps you connect physical ideas much better. In addition, the exercises can be followed more easily and you will show that you know a lot.
  1. Solve algebraically and then substitute the data. That is, first solve for the magnitude you want to calculate from the equation instead of substituting the data and then solving. For example, if the exercise asks you to calculate how far apart you have to place two charges so that they feel a certain force, we first solve for the distance from Coulomb's law and then we will substitute the data of the charges and the force. Many errors can come from doing an intermediate calculation wrong, while this way you only have to enter the data into the calculator once.
  1. Ask yourself if your results make physical sense.  You can detect an error in an exercise due to a result that does not make sense. For example, if you are calculating a speed, you can know that that result is wrong if it is greater than the speed of light. And so with distances, temperatures, energies,…

Don't despair, grit your teeth and make one last effort.💪


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