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🧬Biology PCE UNEDasiss 2024 | How will the exam be and 5 tips

In Spain, Health careers are in fashion. There are many students who come to our country with the aim of accessing degrees such as Medicine, Dentistry or Nursing. If that is your case then you will most likely have to prepare the Biology subject for the PCE UNEDasiss of 2024. We help you!

What will the PCE UNEDasiss 2024 exam be like? Biology

On the day of the UNEDasiss Specific Skills Tests, whether you take the exam in the ordinary or extraordinary session, you will encounter the following exam structure:

• An objective test (test) of 15 questions with three answer options, of which you must answer only 10. The maximum score for this block is 5 points. 

  • Each correct question will add 0,5 points. 
  • Each incorrect question will deduct 0,15 points. 
  • Blank questions neither add nor subtract points and will not be considered for the final calculation
  • Four development questions, of which you must choose only two. 5 points in total, 2,5 points each question.

As the structure of the exam does not usually vary with respect to previous years, our recommendation is that you practice with real exams from previous years. For this, on our website you can find a large number of exam models, as como también exams of all subjects solved by our teaching team. Or if you prefer to see it on video, you also have them uploaded to our Youtube.

Five tips to improve your results on the Biology exam

Biology is a subject that is part of the subjects of the specific phase in the university entrance test, and that is part of the access route for the degrees in Sciences and Health Sciences.

It is an exciting and very interesting subject, but at the same time it is very extensive, and hence its difficulty when studying it. 

That is why we give you 5 tips that will help you study the fundamental and most important aspects of the Biology subject, so that when you take the 2024 PCE UNEDasiss exam, you can be prepared to answer correctly and achieve the highest possible grade. These tips are also valid if you are applying to the EvAU, in which case, we also recommend that you take a look at the article that has been published in our collaborating center, Bravosol Academy, in which they tell you the mistakes that you should avoid making in the Biology exam of EvAU 2024.

  1. The Biology subject consists of 5 blocks. You can study them independently but don't be tempted to stop studying any of them. Everyone enters the exams. It is better to know all the contents of the syllabus than to master only part of it.
  2. This subject has a very extensive and own vocabulary; Create a glossary with these words. With short and clear definitions, so that you can identify them and use them in the appropriate context.
  3. Draw pictures. For example, one way to study the cell is by drawing pictures of its organelles. If you see exams from other years, you will be able to see that there are both questions with drawings that ask us to identify what they are, and questions in which they ask us to draw them. And, if we have practiced before, it will be less difficult for us to do it in the exam. They do not have to be artistic drawings, but they do have to be clear and in which what we want to highlight can be perfectly seen.
  4. Make summaries of the topics as you study them. They include definitions, diagrams, comparative tables. The more you work on writing and exposing the concepts of the subject, the more you will learn.
  5. Read about current events related to the show's topics. You can also watch outreach videos. Ultimately, it's about using all the tools you have, in addition to textbooks. We are surrounded by information about Biology and its relationship with our daily lives, which will help us understand the entire subject program.

Much encouragement!


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