📐Technical Drawing EvAU Madrid 2024 | How will the exam be and 5 tips

Tips for the EvAU 2023 Technical Drawing exam - Centro de Estudios Luis Vives

📐Technical Drawing EvAU Madrid 2024 | How will the exam be and 5 tips

It is one of the most difficult subjects in the Spanish Baccalaureate. But it always weights 0,2 for engineering, so you are most likely preparing it if you go this route. The EvAU Technical Drawing exam in Madrid in 2024 has a very peculiar structure.

How will the EvAU Madrid 2024 Technical Drawing exam be?

Both the ordinary and extraordinary calls for the 2024 EvAU Technical Drawing exam have the following characteristics:

  • The exam consists of two options A and B, with four exercises each.
  • The theme of the exercises and their scoring are distributed as follows:
    • Exercise 1: Geometry (3 points).
    • Exercise 2: Dihedral (2 points).
    • Exercise 3: Axonometry (2 points).
    • Exercise 4: Normalization (3 points).

Of the eight exercises, 4 must be chosen. Exercises from the two options can be mixed. Now, you have to choose two between exercises 1 and 4 of both options and another two between exercises 2 and 3 of both options. For example, a possible exam answer could be questions A1, A4, B2 and B3. 

If you want to get an idea of ​​the type of exercises that can be included in the exam, on our website we have a large number of resources that can be useful to you. In the section Exam models, you will find the official EvAU exams from recent years. And if you decide to use them to practice before the exam, you can compare your solutions with the solutions proposed by our teaching team in the section Solved exams, as well as in our YouTube Channel, where you can see various videos with the resolution of exams.

Five tips to prepare for the Selectivity Technical Drawing exam

Technical Drawing is the bridge between Geometry and Engineering and Architecture. For this reason, Technical Drawing has the abstraction of geometry as well as the necessary pressure required to create plans, models and 3D visualizations of objects. However, whether for more complex problems or simpler exercises, these tips can be useful. 

Below we leave you 5 key points that I think can help you prepare your entrance exam to the Technical Drawing university in 2024, whether EvAU, EBAU, PCE UNEDasiss or access for those over 25:

  1. Invest in a good compass. Many strokes in Technical Drawing depend on arcs of circumference, so the compass is one of the tools that will be used most in the exercises. Additionally, doing these exercises accurately or not can make the difference between the exercise being correct or not. For all this, it is advisable to have the best possible rhythm. 
  2. Use a 2H pencil or mechanical pencil for procedures. When we do exercises we will have to do many intermediate steps until we reach the final solution. Using a 2H pen will help make these intermediate lines finer and more precise.
  3. Make a sketch of the solution you hope to obtain. Many Technical Drawing exercises require connecting concepts to find a solution, so the process is often not immediate. Making a sketch can help you figure out what intermediate steps should be taken to reach the solution.
  4. Repeat and draw the basic procedures before doing the exercises. Most exam exercises are an application of the basic procedures of each topic. Therefore, it is important to be comfortable with these basic procedures before doing more complex exercises. For example, you have to be a machine drawing bisectors 😀
  5. Always work with the greatest precision and cleanliness possible. The execution is also valued, so it is another point to take into account. At first this will mean going slower, although with practice you will also gain agility.

Go for 10!

  • May 21, 2024 at 7:30 pm

    A question, in the first exercise of both exams, in geometry, what exactly is included?

    • May 22, 2024 at 10:14 am

      Hello Luis:

      You can consult the contents that are included in the exam directly in the BOE.

      A greeting.

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